Solidata SSD's

Solidata SSD's

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  • The SATA Solid State Disk is the next generation of storage device based on industrial flash memory technology, which emulates an ordinary magnetic hard disk.

  • Built for speed, these Solid State Storage Devices have no moving or spinning parts, and make no mechanical noise. SSD's are suitable for use in portable or embedded systems which have only limited power consumption. The Flash Disk Drive products are also free from extra and special algorithms or some firmware drivers. Just plug the unit into the SATA slots and operate it as you would a regular Hard Disk Drive.

  • These high-speed SSD units provide faster and higher performance storage solutions for industrial applications, embedded computing, high-speed networking, broadband communications, mobile computing, military, medical and aerospace use.

  • In Addition to high-performance, these devices are capable of withstanding a higher degree of enivornmental distress, delivering extreme endurance.

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Solidata SSD's
Solid State Drives
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